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Newsletter 2017/01

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Who are the main target groups of AAL products, solutions and technologies, and how can they be addressed?...

Newsletter 2016/10

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The ongoing research revolves around user from different groups, which seek information and advisory on AAL....

Newsletter 2016/07

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To address the needs of AAL costumers, businesses and governments, a study on their respective needs is required. ...

Newsletter 2016/04

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ActiveAdvice creates a novel ICT environment compromised from digital and human advisors. ...

Deliverable 2.1

With respect to the term AAL, numerous definitions are currently in use among experts (ICT or social scientist have different takes on it). Laying the basis for the ActiveAdvice project the following considerations help to clarify the key elements of active and assisted living technology,...

Factsheet 2016/06

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ActiveAdvice tackles the shortcomings of a web platform, provides an overview of the AAL ecosystem and supports informed decision making. ...